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Done with dieting? Ready to make peace with food and your body? Or just looking for a different way to find health? Well, you are in the right place.


HAES® Nutritionist and Dietitian Melbourne

My name is Nina and I am a Nutritionist and Dietitian who doesn’t believe health is determined by a number on the scales, the size of the clothes you wear, how many hours of exercise you do each day or your BMI. What’s for eats? is a place where you can escape the diet noise and find information and support to help you tune into your body, your eating and nutrition. There’s no judgment here. Here at What’s for eats?, you won’t be prescribed diets, given meal plans, told to restrict your food or count calories. What you will find are tasty recipes and information to help you FEEL GOOD EATING™.

Latest Posts

Nut Free Granola

September has been heeeeeeec-tic. So much so that this month’s Recipe ReDux post almost didn’t happen. But the theme this month is actually perfect for when life is busy but getting something on the table to nourish yourself and your family is still important to you....

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Kids in the kitchen: the true story

Just like everything else food and nutrition related these days, there is a 'picture-perfect' (or should that be 'Pinterest-perfect'?!) way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. It looks a little something like this:   If you are a parent, I am sure you are...

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What does putting weight loss on the back burner mean?

Do any reading about intuitive eating, mindful eating or the non-diet approach and you are BOUND to come across this phrase: Put weight loss on the back burner   It is so ingrained in the anti-diet movement and rolls off the tongue. But it made me think that just...

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