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Have you tried dieting in the past to lose weight only to find the diet too difficult to stick to?

Have you lost weight in the past by dieting only to have gained it all back and possibly more?

Have you tried restricting your food as a means of controlling your weight?

Have you had foods or whole food groups that you wouldn’t allow yourself to eat because you have been told they are bad for your health or make you gain weight?

Have you tried exercising as a way to compensate or ‘burn off’ the food you have eaten?

Have you felt ruled by food?

Have you ever felt really confused about what you should be eating?

Have you been to see a health professional only to have them tell you that you need to lose weight for the sake of your health?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your clothes and skin?

Have you ever felt like you don’t measure up to what magazines and social media tell us a healthy person should look like?

Are you looking after kids/working/running your own business/managing your house and find you and your health constantly take a backseat?

Well then let me ask you this: Do you want to improve your quality of life and health but;


hate being told what to do


couldn’t stand being given another meal plan to follow or a list of forbidden foods


wish there was another way to get there and feel great without relying on a number on the scale or your dress size to validate you

It IS possible to stop diet-cycling, achieve health without focussing on weight, eat ALL types of foods and find a lifestyle you can sustain and enjoy.

I can help you:


feel calm around food


reconnect with your appetite, hunger and fullness


reduce non-hungry eating


nourish your body with a wide range of foods


enjoy eating


improve your body image


find ways to be caring and compassionate towards yourself


improve your health


find ways to move your body that make you feel good


manage food allergies and intolerances

Eating should be a feel good experience. And the food you eat should make your body feel good.

About Nina Mills

About Nina Mills

Nutritionist & Dietitian

Nina Mills is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. She holds a Master of Dietetics, Master of Human Nutrition, Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion and Bachelor of Health Sciences. She has also completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and is Prince2 Foundation certified. With a keen interest in a client-centred approach to nutrition and dietetics she has gone on to do extensive additional training in the Non-Diet Approach and the areas of body image, Binge Eating Disorder and eating competence.

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