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I am committed to blogging with integrity and presenting you with evidence based nutrition information and independent news, reviews and recommendations. I value your trust and will always declare affiliate links, sponsored articles or freebies that I have been given. I am committed to being open and transparent about any paid content or advertising. Please be assured that opinions will always be honest and my own.


I love a good conversation and welcome your comments, questions and feedback. But I ask that you keep it nice. I do moderate comments and any mean-spirited ones will be given a one-way ticket to the trash folder.


All content on this site is original and copyright of Nina Mills and What’s for eats? unless otherwise specified.  All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce content, whether in print or electronic media must be obtained from Nina Mills. Woah – so serious! While I am a stickler against you reproducing my content and passing it off as your own, I AM happy for you to share my images or content via your social media channels, but please make sure you credit me and link back to www.whatsforeats.com.au.

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