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Foodie Reality 2017

Yes, it really has been another 12 months since I last posted about my recipe fails. Which means it has been another 12 months for me to add some new recipe fails to my ever-growing collection. Let’s just say I wasn’t short of material… Looking over the list below, I...

Kind and Compassionate Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

In my last post, I provided a number of reasons for not pursuing weight loss this year. But if you are not pursuing weight loss as your New Year’s Resolution, what are you to do instead? Well, you can do nothing if you like! I personally am not a fan of New Year’s...

7 reasons to NOT pursue weight loss this year

Get ready. We are about to feel the full force of International Dieting Month. Otherwise known as January to most people! Those of us in the non-diet space prefer to refer to it as International Dieting Month, however, as it is the time of year where the dial on...

What to do when people push food on you

They mean well, but we all have them in our lives… ...A grandmother, aunt, colleague, or friend who insists that you haven’t had enough to eat. Or, that you need to eat just a few more mouthfuls. Or, that you simply MUST try the new and improved trifle they made this...

Balsamic Cherry Ice Cream

Got cherries? You need to make this balsamic cherry ice cream. Look, I will be honest with you. Cherries are only around for a very short window each year. And they can be quite pricey. So, I highly recommend enjoying cherries in their natural form wherever possible....

Your Anti-Diet Gift Guide

This anti-diet gift guide is your go-to for beautiful and thoughtful gifts that will support health and wellbeing.

Confused about what to believe when it comes to food, eating, health, weight and nutrition? Get ready to let go of those unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from food peace and body acceptance.

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