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What I have learnt in my first month of dietetics

Yep, I have been studying dietetics for a whole month now! My old life as a member of the workforce already seems like such a long time ago, as I have thrown myself headlong into study (I really have not had much choice on that though!). So allow me to be indulgent and share with you what I have learnt over the past few weeks…

1. Not everything is black and white

The one thing I was looking forward to about studying dietetics was learning the ‘rules’. All of my study up until now has provided me with a lot of knowledge, but there hasn’t been much opportunity to apply it. So I was eager to learn what exactly do you do when you work with a client, how do you work out their nutritional diagnosis and how do you work with them to manage it?

While there is structure and process and formulas to follow, what we all keep coming up against time and again is that there are no black and white answers for a LOT of things. Our questions often get answered with questions and there is always more than one way to solve a problem.

2. The amount I have learnt in just one month is phenomenal

I can’t even begin to quantify the amount of STUFF I now know compared to four weeks ago! And at the risk of boring you, I won’t go into details. But at the same time, the past month has highlighted to me how much I also DON’T know. There are a LOT of gaps in my knowledge, so much so that it is a little overwhelming!

3. Preparation is everything

Preparation is everything at the moment and I am not just talking about when it comes to hitting the books. In order to make it out of the door by 6:30am with a lunchbox packed and all of my books and papers, I have had to be a lot more organised when it comes to meal planning, shopping and  ugh, dare I say it, ironing. Lunch and snacks are now prepared the night before, so I have had to get used to dried out carrot sticks and soggy sandwiches. And more than ever I am on the ‘cook in bulk’ bandwagon to make leftovers so I don’t have to cook dinner every night.

4. You must be ruthless if you want a car park

Getting a car park on campus is a bit like trying to get a car park in a major shopping centre in the days leading up to Christmas. There is a lot of circling the levels with beady eyes peeled ready to swoop on a person who looks like they are leaving. My normally introverted self has had to get a bit assertive and stand my ground in order to get a spot and make it to class on time!

5. Studying dietetics and blogging/social media are not a match made in heaven

There somehow just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore to study AND keep up with the blog and social media. Case in point: as I hit publish on this post, I am actually starting my sixth week of uni. The week that I INTENDED to finish this post and publish it disappeared before I realised! This is all pretty annoying because I really enjoy interacting with my online communities! And as I have mentioned before, I actually use social media as a means of keeping up to date with what is happening in the world of nutrition.

Well, that’s me for now. I had been hoping that this far along I would have settled into a nice routine that allowed me to juggle everything, but unfortunately, that has not been the case. So in case I don’t see you for a while – hope you are keeping happy and healthy!



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