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I have been collecting recipes for at least 10 years. I’m not really one for collecting cookbooks because they only ever have a few recipes that I would really like to make. In addition to that, I don’t have the space for books. So instead I take clippings from magazines and newspapers or print from websites, blogs, Pinterest etc recipes that take my fancy. And of course there are the odd scraps of paper with my scribblings of recipe ideas or recipes I have copied from Mum’s recipe folder before moving out of home.

You can imagine that after 10 years, I have amassed quite a pile of recipe clippings. What I haven’t quite worked out is how to organise them. Up until now they have just been shoved higgledy-piggledy in plastic pockets in a binder; desserts with soups, curries with roasts, stir-fries with dips. Needless to say, trying to find a specific recipe in this mess has always been a nightmare!

So this long weekend, I am making a start on tidying up. I have had a look on the good ol’interweb to see what’s hot in recipe organisation these days. There are lots of pretty, fancy and clever solutions out there (as you can see below).

But I am not a lady of leisure. I don’t have time for copying out recipes on to cards or pretty papers in my best copperplate. I need something simple and practical. So I am sticking with my binder and plastic pockets and have only gone as far as separating out savoury recipes from desserts. I may extend my ‘categorisation’ of the savouries into soups, salads and everything else, but that will be about it. This will mean I can easily stick in new recipes as I clip them without having to deliberate over where they should be filed. And the plastic pockets mean the recipes are protected from splatters and spills that invariably occur when I am cooking!

How do you organise your recipe collection?

Starting to organise the mess

This looks better!

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1. cutthecakedesigns
2. Rebecca Lundens
3. Gallery Leather
4. Kikki K 

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