Time among the pines
Felt like breath of air
Listening to the Highway Kind
Car windows fogged us in.

Time among the pines

These Jen Cloher lyrics kept playing in my head yesterday as I headed into the Macedon pine forests on a mushroom foraging adventure hosted by the lovely Emma from Scoop Nutrition and Heidi from Apples Under My Bed.


Unfortunately the wet weather we have been having meant that there weren’t many mushrooms to be found and the ones that were there were a bit water logged. There were plenty of toadstools though (aka poisonous mushrooms), so a lot of what went into our baskets ended up in the reject bin upon ‘final inspection’ by our mushroom experts Richard Ford and Jim Fuller.

Richard Ford

Jim Fuller

You have met Jim before in my series of posts on, you guessed it, mushrooms! And Richard has been picking mushrooms for Melbourne’s top restaurants for 25 years, so we were in good hands.

Final Inspection


After this city girl’s jeans were suitably covered in mud, we headed back into Macedon for a lunch specially prepared for us by Chef Mark Renoud from Olive Jones.

Entrée was mushroom velouté made without the cream so that we could fully appreciate the taste of the slippery jack, pine and grey ghost mushrooms. The soup was still thick and creamy with a rich earthy flavour. For our main course we had beef short ribs with potato mash, roasted vegetables and sautéed mushrooms. We received an extra special surprise with ice cream, bread and butter pudding and biscotti made from Candy Cap mushrooms. I was so sad that I couldn’t eat the dessert as it contained nuts, but from all reports it was delicious. The Candy Cap mushrooms lent a maple flavour, without the need for maple syrup – how amazing is that?!

A big thank you to Emma, Heidi, Richard and Jim for a picture perfect winter Sunday outing. My gumboots may just get muddied again foraging!


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